Our focus on excellence and dedication to our clients enable us to secure the best possible outcome for every person and entity we represent-- individuals, companies and foreign governments alike.

We believe that immigration law is usually underestimated. In reality, it’s a very complex and dynamic area of the law. We understand that every case is unique and for this reason, we strive to provide unrivaled legal representation in today’s turbulent climate.
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About us

Montano Miranda PA is an immigration law firm that serves individuals, companies and foreign governments in all aspects of US Immigration and Nationality Law. Our extensive immigration practice allow us to resolve complex legal challenges on behalf of our clients.
Attorney Javier Montano is a long-standing member of the community with an excellent reputation in the immigration arena. His previous experience in reputable and global firms allows him to provide insights into the immigration environment. In the past, our office has worked with some with some of the world's most respected and well-established individuals and businesses. Mr. Montano constantly provides representation in legal matters related to family and employment based permanent residency and employment non-immigrant visas, including: H-1B Specialty Occupation, L-1 Intra-company Transfer Visas, TN Applicants and Temporary Visitors for Business. In addition, he renders legal counseling to clients during applications for Naturalization, Asylum and Labor Certifications and represents clients during Order of Supervision and Deferred Inspection interviews related to Mandatory Detention. Mr. Montano also practices before the Executive Office for Immigration Review and the Board of Immigration Appeals representing clients in removal proceedings, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Moreover, Mr. Montano was employed by the Mexican Consulate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During that time, he advised members of the Mexican community in the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey regarding matters of criminal, human rights and immigration law and advised U.S. attorneys of issues relating to Mexican law.

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Practice Areas

Our office has extensive experience in business immigration, including:

  • Trade and treaty investors visas
  • Extraordinary Ability immigrant petitions
  • International transfer of executives and managers
  • Athletes competing abroad, including martial artists and jockeys
  • Musical groups and performers

Our firm constantly provides employers and employees with the most appropriate immigration strategies to achieve positive results. We represent businesses petitioning on behalf of employees, as well as individuals and families undergoing the U.S. immigration process through company petitions.

Permanent residence based on family relationships falls into two categories. The first is immediate relatives, for which there is no quota or waiting list. Immediate relatives include unmarried children under the age of 21, spouses, and parents of United States citizens. Our office has experience processing all aspects of family petitions within the United States (Adjustment of Status) and through consular processing when beneficiary is outside the United States. We are familiar with inadmissibility waivers that include health issues, criminal charges and previous immigration violations.

Our office has substantial experience successfully naturalizing individuals through proper legal channels. We regularly assist in the following citizenship matters:

  • USCIS Form N – 400, Application for Naturalization
  • Form N – 600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship
  • Derivative citizenship

In addition, we constantly advise clients about all naturalization and citizenship matters, including derivative citizenship issues, marriage adjustments, removal proceedings, family-based residency or status, and other immigration law matters, including inquiries about criminal charges.

Removal proceedings are administrative proceedings to determine an individual’s removability under United States immigration law. Removal proceedings are typically conducted in Immigration Court by an immigration judge. The United States Government consistently seeks to place aliens, including those who are lawfully admitted as permanent residents, into removal proceedings. The reasons to commence proceedings against an individual include: criminal charges, visa overstay, unlawful entry, etc. In many cases, an applicant can seek relief from removal, i.e., deportation. Said relief includes a myriad of waivers that include asylum, Cancellation of Removal, Adjustment of Status, etc. Our office represents legal permanent residents, immigrants and visitors who are currently in removal proceedings or are at risk for removal from the U.S. Our experience provides a deep understanding of the deportation process taking into consideration the constant changes in the immigration arena.

An immigration waiver is required when an individual has a specific immigration violation in his/her record. If an immigration officer (in the United States or abroad) determines that the person is “inadmissible” to the United States, they require a waiver. The same process occurs if a green card holder is subject to criminal penalties in the United States: then the government determines if a person is deportable due to criminal/immigration violations.

Javier Montano, Esq.

Mr. Montano-Miranda holds a law degree from Temple University Law School and a Mexican law degree from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico. Mr. Montano-Miranda has practiced immigration law in Mexico and the United States. His immigration experience includes employment with PricewaterhouseCoopers, S.C., in Mexico, the Mexican Consulate in Pennsylvania, the law offices of Rooney, Mannicci and Gardner, LLC, the law offices of Rifikin and Fox-Isicoff, P.A., and the law offices of Eduardo Soto, P.A., in Miami, Florida.

Mr. Montano has experience in the areas of family and business immigration law. Additionally, he has practiced before the Executive Office for Immigration Review and the Board of Immigration Appeals representing clients in removal proceedings, as well as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement division and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. He has represented individuals in all stages of naturalization proceedings, removal proceedings, immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions and deferred inspection.

He is admitted to the Supreme Court of Arizona and is a member of the Arizona Bar Association, as well as the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Mr. Montano-Miranda has received many recognitions for his pro bono work in South Florida. He is fluent in Spanish.

  • AILA Member
  • Admitted to Arizona Bar 2004
  • Licensed to practice law in Mexico 1999
  • Advisory Council of Institute of Mexicans Abroad (“IME”) 2012 – 2016
  • External Counsel in Immigration Law to Mexican Consulate in Miami, Florida
  • EX-A-TEC Miami Chapter Board member (vice president) 2018

The skill required to handle immigration matters is frequently underestimated. Our office understands that legal status is of paramount importance to live and thrive in the United States.

Javier Montano, Esq.
Exclusive practice of U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law